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New Lifestyle.

We dare you to experience a new lifestyle, driven by our main vision: Amore e Passione.
You’ll meet and make happy a lot of amazing people, which will be always returning to you for your excellent gelato and coffee, but also, for the great atmosphere. You’ll build a united and strong team. Together, you’ll share great & amazing  moments.

Why Ferretti?

  • Guarantee of success backed by more than 15 years of experience in the market

  • Fully consolidated, proven and reliable business model.

  • Powerful brand image and dynamic and very professionalized marketing support.

  • High profitability products

  • Simplicity of operations and management

  • Global and continuous assistance in all areas of the business.

  • Great growth potential

  • We are a great family, and our team will like you. Because if you're still not a fan of Ferretti, you will be soon ...

Numbers & Work conditions.

Dreaming big is awesome, let’s talk a bit about the main figures in our business.

Meet our Operating Conditions:

  • Royalty: 3% of revenue.

  • Marketing budget 2% of revenue.

  • Franchise fee 15.000€.

  • Investments into a standard Ferretti business unit make up on average 50.000€.

  • Average shop surface – 25 sq.m.

¿What will you get in return?

Monthly average Profit:

The monthly net profit from one coffee-shop, after all payments, including taxes, makes up 5.500 – 10.000€

Return on investment (ROI) 1,5 year.


Want more information and a Business Plan?

Fill in the CONTACT FORM and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.