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In 1914, Mimo Ferretti docked at L´Escala village on a trading ship loaded with flour. He found a small fishing port on the seashore of the Mediterranean where centuries
ago the Greek and Romans had arrived, and in an old coffee shop has made deals with a local baker, who teach him to prepare pasta and other Italian artisan products.

The deal became friendship, and the baker achieved his other passion: ice-cream.

The baker ´s son from L´Escala, Pere Sala, who grew up in a bakery, where daily the bread, cakes and noodles has being prepared, did not forget of the icecream that good Mimo taught him to prepare.

Back from a period of being a student in a prestigious pastry shop from Barcelona he decided to make Ferretti ice-cream, restored the old wooden ice-cream machine with an ancient system to conserve the cold, which Mimo ordered to be constructed.
He never lost his passion for ice-cream, and in special occasions has prepared for his friends and grandchildren
traditional recipes of artisan ice-cream or “shortbread” as he called them, always selecting the best
He never thought it can become a business, just a passion that helps make gifts to his loved ones.
The flavors of childhood are never forgotten. When in 2001, the idea to open an ice-cream shop appeared,
everybody agreed: it will be called Ferretti.

From Mimo we owe our passion for ice-cream.


Mimo Ferretti